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Our Upleatham Clinic boasts a fully equipped surgical suite, with dedicated padded knock down and recovery box, inflatable table and arthroscopic equipment for keyhole surgery on joints. In addition we have excellent equipment for monitoring your horse whilst under anaesthetic, including an ECG and blood pressure monitor.

The majority of surgeries that we perform are orthopaedic, and include arthroscopy, wound repair / treatment of infected joints and tendons, kissing spine surgery, splint bone removal, neurectomies for foot or suspensory ligament lameness, fracture fixation and treatment of angular limb deformities in foals. We are also happy to perform rig operations, sinus surgery, eye removal, mass removals and colic surgery.

We invite visiting specialists to perform our upper respiratory tract surgeries (tie forward / tieback etc). The surgeon of choice depends on the procedure involved and our client’s preferences.

Surgeries performed;

  • Arthroscopy, tenoscopy and bursoscopy (keyhole surgery of joints, tendon sheaths and bursae)
  • Annular ligament desmotomy
  • Check ligament desmotomy
  • Surgery for bone, joint or tendon sheath infection
  • Surgical treatment of angular limb deformities / flexural deformities in foals.
  • Neurectomy for foot lameness
  • Neurectomy and fasciotomy for suspensory lameness
  • Splint bone removal
  • Fracture fixation
  • Sinus Surgery
  • Tooth removal
  • Eye removal
  • Mass removal
  • Skin grafting for severe wounds
  • Colic surgery
  • Caesarean section
  • Tie back
  • Tie Forward
  • Soft palate pin firing
  • Epiglottis surgery (cysts and entrapment)
  • Castration and rig ops
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