Clevedale Vet Practice prides itself on providing a range of quality services tailored to your needs. We offer a traditional service but with a modern approach coupled to the needs of today’s farmer. We advocate 'prevention rather than cure' and work with our farm clients to manage and prevent diseases rather than rely on reacting to them. Our experienced team of vets aim to help make our farm clients more efficient and hence more profitable whilst at the same time striving towards the highest welfare standards.


  • Routine dairy fertility visits
  • Herd/flock health plans including disease accreditation
  • Metabolic profiling – dairy herds and flocks pre-lambing
  • Ultrasound scanners for pregnancy diagnosis with battery capability ie no need for mains power
  • Interherd
  • Bull and Ram breeding soundness examinations including electro-ejaculation
  • DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan providers
  • Lameness reduction plans including mobility scoring/training
  • In-house faecal-egg counts
  • BVD eradication
  • Pelvimetry in beef heifers
  • Farmer training meetings and workshops
Upleatham Surgery
Tel: 01287 623802
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Whitby Surgery
Tel: 01947 825042
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Stokesley Surgery
Tel: 01642 711298
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