Alistair Love’s primary interest is in equine medicine and he is supported by Dr Phil Dyson who holds the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons certificate in Equine Internal Medicine. Alistair has been involved in a number of medical firsts in the North East equine world, including being the first vet to identify horses suffering from selenium toxicity, and being a member of the group who first identified patent liver fluke infection in racing thoroughbreds.

Alistair is a local authority on a wide range of non-surgical conditions,  from skin conditions to laminitis, weight loss to Cushing’s disease and Alistair is our client’s first port of call for worming advice (book a free telephone appointment with Alistair NOW if you are worried about worms!).

Alistair’s knowledge, experience and further training in equine medicine are supported by our facilities at Upleatham.  Our investment in excellent radiographic equipment provides us with the ability to obtain good quality chest X-rays, and our array of ultrasound machines allow examination of the chest and abdomen. Our laboratory allows the rapid processing of blood tests, enabling us to diagnose infections, anaemia, liver and kidney conditions and a range of other diseases within minutes of taking your horses blood.
Our microscopy services also allow the rapid diagnosis of external and internal parasites and we run faecal worm egg counts in house.

Medical services

  • Weight loss investigation
  • Head Shaker investigation
  • Hormonal issues including Cushings disease and Metabolic syndrome diagnosis and management
  • Treatment of skin conditions (parasites, infections, allergies, masses and sarcoids)
  • Investigation of the coughing horse
  • Endoscopy of upper and lower respiratory tract, tracheal washes and guttural pouch examination
  • Endoscopy of the bladder
  • Endoscopy of the stomach for the diagnosis of ulcers
  • Laboratory tests for infection, anaemia, liver, kidney and gut problems
  • Management of the geriatric horse
  • Management of sick and orphaned foals
  • Ophthalmology and eye conditions

A horse with urticaria or ‘hives’

A horse with urticaria or ‘hives’

A horse with a corneal ulcer

A horse with a corneal ulcer

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